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Designed to go anywhere - Tzora's electric mobility scooters for adults and disabled support an independent and active lifestyle. Our scooters easily fold & pack. OUR MOBILITY SCOOTERS -TAKE IT EASY ANYWHERE. Elite. Divided or folded 3 wheels. Lite. Folded 4 wheel. Classic. Divided OR folded 4 wheels. Hummer Titan Divided-4 wheels scooter. Description Tzora's Easy Travel Elite Scooter is a five star, award-winning electric mobility scooter designed to make your traveling life as easy as possible. This ultra lightweight mobility scooter for adults utilizes a patented hub motor drive wheel, which makes the scooter lighter, increases steering capability and saves on space. The Easy Travel Elite Scooter is designed to fit in small enclosures, so traveling with it is always a pleasure. The Tzora Easy Travel Elite is equipped with a patented powerful In-Hub Motor inside the large front wheel making the Easy Travel Elite extremely lightweight compact and powerful. Tzora Classic Easy Travel Scooter-1 Tzora Travel Scooter TZORA Classic Scooter-1 Travel Scooter Combining the stable ride of 4 wheels with excellent maneuverability, this extremely lightweight scooter can be taken apart and folded in a few seconds. The total weight of the Classic is only 28 kg 62 lbs. TRAVELING MADE EASY FOR YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE. Traveling with the Easy Light Deluxe Tzora Lite is a breeze! With this lightweight, compact scooter, you can go anywhere and everywhere! EXTREME PORTABILITY. The Tzora Lite folds for easy transport with the heaviest piece weighing less than 50 lbs. No tools required!

This portable folding scooter is a 5 star award winner, receiving high scores in portability, design, and performance. With the Elite, the sky's the limit!Easy Travel Elite Folding Scooter. EXTREME PORTABILITYThe Easy Travel Elite folds for easy transport or can be disassembled into three smaller pieces with the heaviest piece weighing only 27. The Tzora scooter is a popular travel scooter for those with mobility issues. It is easy to travel with on a bus, train, plane or car. It’s easy to use due to the lack of mechanisms, latches or connectors involved when taking it apart or folding it up. The hummer is comfortable, easy to fold, divide and operate. This 4-wheel motorized mobility scooter for the elderly and handicap was designed for an independent lifestyle. The hummer is comfortable, easy to fold, divide and operate. E- Mail: info@ Phone:.

Both batteries can be charged on your Tzora scooter if it has the 3 prong connector on the side. The Lithium Ion Tzora battery case is narrower at 3 and 5/8" has a 10 AH output, at higher voltage, full charge in 2-3 hours, and 3x's as many charging cycles compared to lead acid batteries. Higher voltage out equates to more power on hills. Excellently Designed The Elite Easy Travel Scooter is a five star award wining scooter. Receiving great scores in portability, design, and performance. You can conveniently fold the Elite similar to a piece of luggage for transport in your vehicle or even by air. The Elite can be disassembled into three lightweight components for easier lifting. The Easy Travel Lite Was Designed By A Crew Of Electrical And Mechanical Engineers With A Determination To Build A Scooter That Will Meet The Needs Of People That Will Be Transporting It In Their Vehicles For Use In Their Daily Life, As Well As For Those Whom Wish To Travel By Plain, Train, Bus Or By Ship To All Parts Of The World.

Tzora Easy Travel Scooter

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